What some readers say about Distant Sunrise

Francis was very brave to write such a deep, intense and soul baring book. She opens your eyes to a horror to women which still goes on to this day in Africa. Only her intense faith could heal these scars
Distant Sunrise takes you on a young Women-Child’s journey. When everything and everyone – Family, Friends and Strangers betrays and persecutes her, Francess reaches within her spirit and she turns to where the sky meets the sea – the Distant Sunrise – and triumphs. – Inspirational page-turner.
God has chosen your story to be a testimony for the masses and He has enabled and empowered to minister through your life’s challenges. Your words were poetic, yet powerful. You have a gift and the strength of a lion… Congratulations on finding the courage to be a voice for so many who remain silent. Thank you for being honest and open. I am sure that was difficult to do. God bless.
It is both painful and entertaining (you have a sense of humor despite everything that has happened to you). Cheers.
Dear Francess, I cannot tell you enough how touched I am by your writing. You are an incredibly brave person. I just cannot believe that Francess I know went through so much. You inspired me to be a better person, reminded me about the profound power of forgiveness. It is so hard for me to focus on work this morning, I cannot stop thinking about your book and you. You are my hero. Your courage and wisdom is so inspiring. I feel so blessed knowing you.