May 20, 2017: 2nd annual Sister Talk - Take Back The Power: Do you see yourself as a survivor or a victim? (Organized by a survivor for survivors.) (Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa).
October 9, 2016: 2nd annual Vigor Awards International: Humanitarian award recipient. A survivor's story - prostitution, attempted suicides, sexual violence, female genital mutilation, abortions. (Ontario, Windsor, Canada).
July 23, 2016: Divas United Girls Empowerment Program: Living a life of Purpose on Purpose. (MD, USA).
June 28, 2016: Roundtable discussion on FGM. (US Attorney's office. Baltimore, USA).
May 21, 2016: Sister Talk - Take Back The Power (organized by a survivor for survivors of all forms of sexual violence including FGM). (University of MD, USA).
April 23, 2016: DeVry University: Served as a panelist (with State Representative of PA Tom Murt) discussing female genital mutilation. (Pennsylvania, USA).
March 29, 2016: United States Patent & Trademark Office: A celebration of women. (Virginia, USA).
March 8, 2016: Northern Virginia Family Services - A place that caters to victims (female) of all forms of violence. : A survivor's story of overcoming sexual violence and low self-esteem. (Virginia, USA).
November 15, 2015: International House of Prayer: A survivor's story - how to get past the hurt. (MD, USA).
October 31, 2015: Walk to end FGM: A survivor's story. (National Mall Washington, DC, USA).
October 28, 2015: Breaking Taboo - A documentary (Beverly Hills, CA, USA).
October 22, 2015: KCWG The Truth Radio: A survivor's story - the transforming power of God (Corona, CA, USA).
October 18, 2015: Our Will to Survive: A message of hope with award winning humanitarian Denise O'Brien. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada).
August 29, 2015: SoRealwithMadelyn blog talk radio: Autobiography Distant Sunrise (MD, USA).
August 21, 2015: LA Talk Radio: Surviving FGM (Los Angeles, CA, USA).
August 15, 2015: Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association: Humanitarian award recipient. "Surviving rape, FGM, child sexual violence; overcoming bitterness, anger, unforgiveness; story of a former prostitute." (Los Angeles, CA, USA).
August 8, 2015: FestAfrica USA: Humanitarian award recipient. "Life after FGM and rape." (MD, USA).
April 30, 2015: Prince Georges Community College - Overcoming female genital mutilation (FGM) and other forms of sexual violence. (MD, USA).
April 18, 2015: CAFY (Community Advocates for Family and Youth) - Engaging communities Empowering Victim: A survivor's story. (Prince Georges County, MD, USA).
March 28, 2015: Relaunch of Distant Sunrise - The Strength in her Pain to Forgive (Revised Edition) (MD, USA).
February 5, 2015: Howard University - Discussing the 21st Century African Woman: Africa Redefined; The role of the African Woman and how she's viewed by the world. (Washington, DC, USA).
December 5, 2014: Family Builders: A survivor's story - Join the fight to end FGM (Virginia, USA).
November 8, 2014: Women of Strength: A survivor's story - Free to Forgive (Good Hope UMC Ministries. MD, USA).
September 6, 2014: Kemris Collection: A survivor's story: Surviving sexual violence. (Marymount University, USA).
August 30, 2014: Be Heard - Sunlight Radio: A survivor's message of hope. (Virginia, USA).
August 26, 2014: Brokenness To Boldness Talk show Radio: Surviving sexual violence. (Maryland, USA)
June 21, 2014: Just Stand: A survivor's story of sexual violence. (Maryland, USA).
May 10, 2014: Mummy! Tea! Destiny!: "I hope you Dance." (Maryland, USA).
February 2014: African Beat Voice of America: Autobiography Distant Sunrise - The Strength in her Pain to Forgive. (Washington D.C., USA).
March 2013: Northwest High School: A celebration of womanhood. (MD, USA).