Overcomer Survivor God’s Battle Axe


Who Is She?

Award winning humanitarian, author, speaker, Anti-FGM activist

From victim to Victor – F.A. Cole experienced life’s tragedies at an early age and fought to overcome them (sexually molested at age six; raped; forced to undergo female genital mutilation at age eleven, and much more.)  Her astonishing work, Distant Sunrise – The Strength in her Pain to Forgive speaks to the pain and suffering of women who’ve experienced Female genital mutilation; Rape and other forms of abuse and survived.





The Children Who Never Were

The Children Who Never Were is not a book of condomnation nor is it about shaming women who’ve found themselves in abortion clinics rather, it is a book of hope which echoes the truth about God’s unconditional love and forgiving grace for mankind.


I started seeing myself as a survivor the day I took back the power my abusers had over me.


Why read?

Distant Sunrise – The Strength in her Pain to Forgive.

In this riveting autobiography author F.A. Cole provides tools for overcoming tragedies such as: female genital mutilation; rape; bitterness; anger; unforgiveness and much more.

Filled with the author’s accounts of personal experiences of surviving and overcoming multiple tragedies, Distant Sunrise will help you turn negative energy into positive way of thinking and cause you to see yourself as a victor and not a victim.